Loftily Jewelry Manufacturer

 Since 2007, Our expansive 2000 sq. m manufacturing facility in Shenzhen,   Guangdong has the capacity to complete huge custom jewelry orders. We can fulfill
 jewelry orders of any size thanks to our easy access to resources, efficient production
 process, and rigorous manufacturing techniques. We are ISO & SEDEX & BSIC
 certified and committed to quality manufacturing standards

Highly Equipped Manufacturing Workshops

Our advanced workshops can manufacture any kind of fashion jewelry.  Loftily has the latest production equipment and established manufacturing processes that guarantee steady and efficient production of top-quality jewelry

QC Laser CNC Machines Polishing
Welding Electroplating Cutting Drill Hole

Your Trusted & Reliable Jewelry Factory

Loftily Jewelry provides a full range of practical and cost-effective solutions for your silver jewelry needs. Boasting deep research and development, access to the best materials, and strong production capabilities, we have everything you need under one roof


Veteran Craftsmen &
Quality Manufacturing

Loftily Jewelry has 15 decades of experience in the jewelry industry, we manufacturing experience to our quality control team conducting multiple tests, checking for consistency and reliability.

Powerful Productivity
Our high productivity yields 0.8 million pieces of jewelry per month

Professional Production
Loftily jewelry is FDA, CA65, Reach-certified. We aim to exceed expectations with manufacturing.Responsibly-Sourced Materials

Exclusive Marketing Solutions
We always go the extra mile to help your business to succeed in the competitive jewelry industry. Our team is here to provide marketing solutions and materials support for promoting your products and elevating your brand

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.